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Modern medical research has resulted in a wealth of medications that can improve health and extend both the length and quality of life. Some medications on the market pose dangers to consumers, however, and many people have suffered injuries as a result of these dangerous drugs.

Those who have received injuries as a result of ingesting dangerous drugs can bring products liability lawsuits against pharmaceutical companies that fail to test drugs properly or manufacture them in unsafe ways. This is true for both prescription drugs and "over-the-counter" medication.

Some drugs are inherently dangerous and have severe side effects, but may have benefits that outweigh the risks. As long as the manufacture gives proper warning about the risks, people who choose to take these drugs may find it hard to bring a suit against the manufacturer if they do in fact suffer one of the listed side effects.

On the other hand, failure to warn of the known risks of a drug can form the basis of a dangerous drug lawsuit. For more information on product liability lawsuits involving drugs, see FindLaw's resources on pharmaceutical drug liability.

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